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Winterbane Coffee

Winterbane Coffee

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- Roasted Ground Coffee Blend -

Fight the cold bite of Winter with this true, Italian, single origin coffee!

Frozen Crown join forces with a local (zero food miles) Italian coffee company to bring you the warmest remedy against the cold, grim bite of Winter.
Winterbane Coffee is a smooth, sweet, chocolate flavored blend, perfect for your homemade Italian espresso or cappuccino (Ikki says "YAY")!
Be sure to serve it in one of our brand new Frozen Crown Black Mugs for better taste.
"A Coffee With Jade" approved!!!

It comes with a sealed packaging made to keep the blend's freshness intact, featuring a completely original "war banner" design by Federico (front and back)

250 gr

Origin: Brazil

Santos chocolate coffee originates from "Sul De Minas" region of the States of MINAS GERAIS, CERRADO and "ALTA MOGIANA". The harvest takes place with red and ripe cherries selected carefully. In order to transfert the sweetness of the fruit inside, the cherries are dried in the open space of "fazende" in the natural heat of Sun.

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